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Smash Burgers and homemade burgers

The "Smashed" burger is becoming more and more popular, easy to prepare and easy to cook. So many frozen and supermarket burgers are packed with preservatives you end up wondering what you're eating. Making your own burgers is so easy and you know exactly what is in them.

From a basic burger seasoned with salt and pepper to the wildest one you can image these are so easy to make, get the family involved with everyone making their own style homemade burger.

The ingredient list is short - minced beef, salt and pepper! It is that simple.

In the video it shows you how to rapid fry a super thin burger, but your homemade burgers can be enjoyed on the BBQ as shown below.

So how easy is it? The pics below show my chilli and paprika burgers.

First get some of our quality minced beef.

Choose the seasoning that you want to use. You can divide the meat up and make two different types.

Add the salt and pepper.

You can leave it plain, or hot it up with some chilli flakes and paprika.

Mix it together and that's it! (here's a tip, if you are on a budget and want the meat to go further chop up a couple of slices of bread to form bread crumb sized pieces and add that. Squeeze it as you mix it and it will cook together well - experiment!)

Divide your meat into the size you want. Roll into balls.

And then smash them flat.

Rough and ready they good to go straight on the BBQ. Cook them to you taste.


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