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Revetts special three bird roasting joint

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When you want to treat your friends and family and are looking for something special the three bird roast is a luxurious treat that is sure to delight.

A fully boned combination of chicken, pheasant and partridge with a special Revetts sausagemeat suffing.

Cook the joint thoroughly as you would a chicken, we would recommend a cooking thermometer to test the temperature. (If you haven't started using this kitchen gadget we would recommend you do - takes all the worry away regarding whether the meat is cooked)

First we start with the three birds.

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Chicken, Pheasant and a Partridge

A three bird roasting joint is not something you find in the supermarkets.


We start with the best fresh ingredients, as an artisan butcher we have the best possible suppliers of chicken and game birds.

Here we have selected a whole chicken, pheasant and partridge.

Preparing the meat

The first stage of the three bird roast butchery is to bone the poultry.

The chicken has all the bones removed except the end of the drumstick which is retained for shape.

The partridge and pheasant element uses just the breast meat of both birds.

This means that when serving it is easy to carve and there is no waste.

Pheasant, Partridge and chicken.JPG

The Stuffing

If you are a regular customer you will know how good our sausages are and how delicious our sausagemeat is.

A recipe unchanged for generations the sausagemeat forms the base of the stuffing and is mixed with herbs and seasoning to create a delicious centre for the three bird roast.

The contruction of a three bird roasting joint

Creating the three bird roast involves layering the breast of all three birds.

The chicken breast is cut to incorporate the pheasant breasts and the partridge breasts.

The stuffing mixture is placed in the centre and a little is used to reform the base of the chicken thighs, adding shape and most importantly flavour into this section of the joint.

Close up of meat layers.jpg
Nearly done.JPG

Shaping and tying up

The final phase involves pulling the joint together using the skin of the chicken and tying up the joint to hold it together when cooking.

The joint is boned so once cooked it can be sliced resulting in layers of delicious meats and stuffing.

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