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Behind the scenes at a butchers for Christmas

Once most businesses have had their Christmas parties and have shut their doors for the Christmas break that's when you see the butchery trade kick into overdrive. With a reputation to maintain in providing quality and freshness we have to wait until the last moment to get the meat orders delivered to us and then it is all hands to the pumps. 1,000's and 1,000's of fresh sausages need to be made, many hundreds of Christmas orders need to be made up. The only way we can deliver the quality we are known for is starting at the crack of dawn, in reality well before dawn. When most normal people are fast asleep our dedicated team are here with knifes clattering against steel as they create the jo

Christmas orders are being collected

Fresh whole free range turkeys, boned rolled turkey legs, rolled turkey breast, beef on the bone, duck and gammon and hams galore! Oh yes with a Christmas market outside and the first set of Christmas orders arriving for those having a an early Christmas gathering it really does feel like Christmas is on the way. Don't be disappointed get your order in ASAP.

Beef Topside for Christmas?

Thinking about having something other than Turkey for Christmas? How about a family favourite - Topside of beef. As your local butchers why not have a chat with us if you are planning a meal. We know what is most popular and can suggest some of our specials too.

Nonsuch Shrubs

The curious world of drinking vinegar - originally know as shrubs these are the latest thing and we have them in with the wines. These ancient drinks have been re-imagined by master-blenders Nonsuch, using infusions of fruit, herbs and apple cider vinegar. These new styled drinks, well ancient reinvented versions of drinks, create a harmony of savoury, sweet and sour tantalising your taste buds in a whole new experience. We have three different versions in the shop at £2.65 a bottle - curious? Try one

It's time to place your Christmas order

It's that time of year again. Here is a simple one to tick off your list. If you are looking for the very finest fresh turkeys at great prices, tender gammon joints, sausages, wines, cheeses etc. Pop in and see us and place your Christmas order, arrange your day to pick up your things and leave the rest to us. To give you an idea of what we can offer you visit our Christmas pages.

E.W. Revett & Son

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