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Speciality dishes, pre-prepared for you

Best of both worlds here, we create a fantastic range of dishes and have them ready for you. This can be cheaper than buying the ingredients separately and making them yourself.


Tried and tested recipes to delight the family and friends.

Sharing chicken kebabs

Chicken breast wrapped in dry cured smoked bacon with red onions and a delicious sauce

Louisiana Burgers

Seasoned beef, pressed into a  burger with a hint of chilli. Dusted with herbs and finished with a little red onion and tomato.

BBB - Triple B

Bacon, BBQ, Burger

Our seasoned pork burger with a BBQ sauce wrapped in dry cured, smoked streaky bacon.

Butterfly, boned lamb

Prepared specifically to provide you with a cut of lamb that can be cooked directly on the BBQ.

Chicken Pizza

A breast of chicken, tenderised, topped with diced red onion, garlic sauce. mozzarella cheese on a tomato passata 

Chinese Truffles

Seasoned Pork, filled with a sweet and sour sauce, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots topped with bean sprouts

Beef and Mushroom Truffle

Seasoned beef wrapped with bacon, a mushroom sauce with diced green bacon, spring onions and mozzarella cheese

Chicken and garlic turnover

Diced chicken with a garlic sauce wrapped in puff pastry. When cooked the chicken remains moist.


A little like a chicken Kiev but with the pastry. 

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