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Proper Bacon from Proper pigs

How many times have you been disappointed by bacon that just shrivels up in a pool of liquid steaming rather than delivering that scrumptious bacon treat that you desired?

Quality bacon delivers time after time and there is a variety to suit all taste buds. Take a look at the different options we have for you, dry cured, traditional green, Wiltshire cured and remember that fat adds flavour - we trim it when necessary but leave enough there to help the cooking and flavour.

Green back bacon

Green is the term used for un-smoked bacon. This is cured in traditional salt method.

Back bacon is the "normal" cut for a breakfast or bacon sandwich.

Dry cured back bacon

A clear favourite in the shop, this is dry cured with a smoked finish.

You will notice that why cooking this does not steam in excess water that has been injected into it - proper bacon!

Dry cured Streaky bacon

This is another dry cured bacon with a smoked finish.

Streaky is often used to add to dishes because the fat content is higher and when cooked the layers of fat render down adding flavour to the dish.


Packed full of flavour a dry cured streaky is a treat.

Sweet cured back bacon

Something a little different, our sweet cured bacon uses beer and treacle which enhances the natural bacon flavour.

Wiltshire cured bacon

A traditional English curing technique used for bacon. A wet cure that soaks the meat for a number of days enhancing the flavour. 

Ideal for loin steaks

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