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French Wine, Wine Red Wine, English Wine, Chablis, Rioja, Revett of Wickham Market

A fine selection of quality wines in Wickham Market

Delightful wines chosen for their taste and quality and a large selection of locally produced fruit drinks.

Red Wine, White wine Revett of Wickham Market

Until you experience the difference between quality wines and cheap wine it is difficult to explain. The best example is probably chocolate, most people have had cheap chocolate and more expensive and most people welcome the difference. The more expensive usually last longer too because it is savoured. Wine is the same.


Helen, proprietor at E.W. Revett and Son, carefully selects really fine, quality wines with the aid of a team of specialist buyers who share their finds with her.


Our customers return time and time again to try the wines, if you are seeking something a little different and a bit special then browse through our wine shop.

Should you be looking for something non alcoholic there is a good range of locally produced fruit drinks, again the focus is on quality and taste.

Wines from Revett and son Wickham MArket
Fine white wines, fine wine Revett of Wickham Market
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