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Award Winning suffolk sausages, award winning sausages, Revetts Wickham Market

The famous Revett Sausage - winner of many best sausage competitions

A secret sausage recipe developed over nearly 50 years

The finest quality sausages start with the ingredients, at E W Revett and Son this is immediately evident. As traditional butchers we have enormous pride in the quality of the produce that we supply for you. Every element of our sausages are selected for their taste, the quality and what they add to the final product. 

We use an exact blend of pork meat and fat to create a succulent tasty sausage. The importance of quality, fresh meat is obvious but the fat is an essential element to the ingredients because of the flavour it packs into the sausage.

We have a secret blend of seasoning and spices to deliver that award winning sausage taste. Now our famous Revett sausages are also available gluten free - everyone can enjoy them.

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There is an art to making sausages just right. The choice of skin, the density of meat, the thickness and how tightly they are finished all impact on the way they cook.


Years of experience at Revett and Son are packed into each sausage. Our regular customers know how popular these award winning sausages are, most customers buy them! Their popularity also ensures the freshness, and our team of specialist butchers are constantly working on the production of the next batch.


If you are a fan of sausages it is well worth a trip to Wickham Market to sample these flavour packed examples. 

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Whether in the form of the traditional sausage or chipolata the famous Revett sausage always delivers on flavour and texture.

We all have our favourite way of cooking them. slowly cooked in a frying pan so that they are evenly browned all round has to be one of the best ways. 

Pop along to Wickham Market and find out why so many people recommend our sausages.

Sausages from the best butcher in Suffolk
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