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It is the WI night tonight

We are delighted to welcome the WI tonight to show the latest recipes available, a chance for us to show off the range we have, share ideas and have a great gathering.

Cook fabulous food with ease

Here is another creation to help you create fabulous meals. We have created meat stacks with various marinades. The concept is that the maximum amount of flavour can be soaked up by the meat, giving you fabulous tasting meals. The cooking method is the same for each type of meat. Place the stack in a tray and cover with foil. Cook for 40 - 45 minutes at around 180. (These are rough timings, in reality all ovens are different and we all like our meat cooked to different levels). The next bit is key, turn the oven off and leave the meat in the cooling oven for a further 15 minutes. This really improves the texture. If you are using the oven for something else, take it out, put on a second shee

Two new section of the website added

We have created a special section all about Bacon, you will find it under the butchery tab Another section has been added for our speciality recipes, also under butchery. Have a look at the page you will see something you want!

E.W. Revett & Son

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Woodbridge, Suffolk

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