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Fresh baked bread revett Wickham Market - baguettes, rolls

Freshly baked bread from the bakery at E. W. Revett & Son

Fresh bread, cakes and treats daily

Fresh bread Revetts of Wickham Market

Few things smell as good as a fresh loaf of bread, few simple things taste as good as a freshly baked English Flute filled with fresh ham from the delicatessen.


There is a real difference in quality when you buy fresh loaves from a bakery compared to a supermarket. It starts with the smell and the taste is simply in a different league. 

It is the same with the cakes, the bread rolls even the gingerbread men - the quality comes through in the taste. Try it yourself today and appreciate the difference.

Cakes, donuts, Dough nuts, bread Revett of Wickham Market
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