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Revett butchers - offering the highest quality produce, the finest and freshest selection of delicious meats

Local butchers based in Wickham, Market, Woodbridge, renowned for quality

At Revett we select our producers carefully to ensure that you receive the best available at the right price, there is a choice to suit all budgets
Dingley dell, Blythburgh pork, revett butchers Wickham Market Woodbridge

Some very famous local producers supply our pork:


Dingley Dell in Suffolk is always popular. As well as using the correct breeds and individual bloodlines producing the finest pork also involves feed and a stress free environment. They use a series of traditional cereal based diets to both rear and grow their pork, it is extremely important to achieve good uninterrupted growth for muscle development so it is important to remove all stresses from the pigs life.

We also supply Blythburgh Pork whose vision is to create the quintessential pig farm. It is well known the very best pork eating quality can only be achieved by rearing pigs in an extensive, natural environment in which confinement and stress can be mitigated.Pig welfare is at the heart of everything they do at Blythburgh Pigs but to be the best it also has to be consistent and professional. 

You should also keep an eye open for the Mrs Wolf Blackspot - very tasty

Bramford Meats, beef, steaks, burgers, joints of beef, roast beef, Revetts Butchers

Our beef comes from a number of suppliers. local farms in Eye, Stradbroke, Bungay, Beccles and from other farmers with smaller specialist herds.

Beef has to be looked after properly before you get to turn it into something delicious for your friends and family. Whether a beef roast joint, steaks or our amazing burgers the flavour, texture, tenderness all come through the storage prior to having it in our counter. 

Hind quarter meat is all hung for 21 - 28 days. Leaner meat is better hung for 21 days, others are better at 28 days. Our experience and understanding of our trade means that we always focus on delivering the best quality to your table at sensible prices.

Lamb from Revett of Wickham Market Butchers

Again we source locally for lamb getting the very best quality from a farm in the Suffolk Coastal area and Heveningham Hall.


Like our beef we also have a number of small farmers raising the most fabulous local stock, farmers that really care about their animals, their welfare and health

Like all our meats you will find the taste, the texture and the care taken very different from the supermarkets.


Unlike the supermarkets you can also choose the size and cut of meet you desire, buy what you need and reduce any waste. 

Fresh Chicken, Chicken breasts, roast chicken, chicken thighs, Revetts Butchers Wickham Market

Our poultry is from two local producers.


The highly respected Sutton Hoo chickens, full of character and flavour. Sutton Hoo chickens are lovingly reared in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, across 40 acres of meadows. They rear their chickens slowly, to the highest welfare standards and use traditional free range farming methods, to give you a chicken like it used to taste.  Their mission is to rear a truly free range chicken with constant access to the outdoors, sunshine and plenty of room to roam on natural grassland. 

The second supplier is the local Diaper Poultry business near Stowmarket. With succulent chickens from their own farms Diaper Poultry focus on providing quality to local retailers, delivering twice a week to ensure you get the freshest produce.

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