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Christmas at Revetts

Christmas Turkey made easy

Quality, farm fresh turkeys prepared for your Christmas meal

Rolled Turkey Breast.jpg

Christmas this year may well be a little different with smaller Christmas gatherings and fewer people to feed. Our rolled turkey breast is an excellent alternative to a full bird and has less waste.

The Revetts rolled turkey breast is from exactly the same suppliers as all our turkeys. The quality, flavour and animal welfare is what you would expect from any of our produce. A delicious, succulent treat for the Christmas table.

Another benefit is that you can get ahead with the Christmas planning, a rolled turkey breast is excellent for freezing so you can collect it early and save yourself having to queue to collect your Christmas fayre. (Although some see this as being a part of their Christmas tradition this year will be different in many ways). A rolled turkey breast also fits in standard freezers, unlike a full turkey.

Order yours today.

Each rolled turkey breast is prepared by our butchers

The turkey breast is removed from the bone and then rolled and tied to maintain the shape and keep everthing in place as you cook it. Simply cook like you would a normal joint of meat 170 - 180 degrees for 15 minues a pound plus 15 minutes. Please buy your self a meat thermometer - they are cheap and give you the knowledge that your meat is cooked to the correct temperature.

We can also stuff it too with our delicious sausage meat, wrapped with bacon - a real Christmas treat.

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