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Deli in Wickham Market, Cheese, cooked meats, cured ham, sausage rolls, pies Revett of Wickham Market

Revett & Son delicatessen where quality is unquestionable

Cheeses, cooked meats, pies, savoury pastry products and fine delicacies

Best Sausage rolls Revetts of Wickham Market

Our best selling product, made with our very own sausage meat - they sell out quickly!

Spciality cheeses, unique cheeses, cheese specialist Revett of Wickham Market

With well sourced, crafted cheese there is clear case to support the saying quality over quantity, we are proud of our extensive selection of unique, custom made cheeses.

Cured ham, cured meat, Salami, cooked meats Revett of Wickham Market

Delicious cooked meats, our freshly cooked hams are our best seller - and so it should be from a butchers...

Honey, sauses, condiments, herbs, spices Revett Wickham Market

A large selection of locally produced treats for you to enjoy - try something new and delight yourself.

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