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June Competition

Win 4 Tomahawk Steaks

When the June prize was announced in the shop there was a buzz of excitement and disappointment because the team can't enter the competition - we would all like to win this one!

The Tomahawk steak is something that most of our customers would not have tried, if you had you would remember!

A Tomahawk Steak is a very special steak indeed. It is on-the bone Rib steak which is cut from the Fore-rib which makes it resemble a the Tomahawk Axe. A combination of the intermuscular fat and the bone gives the steak tremendous flavour as it cooks.

You can win four of these amazing steaks ​

To win, all you need to do is follow us on Facebook, like and share this competition post.

Deadline for entry is Monday 27th June.

One lucky person will be selected from the entries on Facebook, the winner must be following our Facebook page.

Good Luck

PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR FAKE MESSAGES someone may pretend to be us saying you have won - our Facebook ID is we will not ask for bank details - please do not give out personal information.


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