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Chicken breast stuffed with sausage meat

Sometimes something really simple can make a fabulous meal. Here we have a chicken breast stuffed with Revetts sausage meat, a little garlic and served with whatever you fancy. Nachos and a salad in my case!

Start with butter in a pan and gently fry some peeled and crushed garlic until softened. We just want the garlic so use the garlic butter on some toast for quick and easy garlic bread.

Take your chicken breast and place it on cling film. You will need to work on a sturdy top.

Cut the chicken breast to open it up and place pieces of the garlic that has been gently fried in butter. Note the garlic is golden and not brown (brown would be bitter). Cover with the cling film.

The next bit is noisy! Take a heavy item and flatten the chicken beast until it is less than 1cm thick. You will see theat the garlic spreads out too.

Put the flattened chicken on some tin foil and place the sausage meat in the middle of the chicken. Cover over the chicken, covering the sausage meat. Note the seasoning is already in the sausage meat.

Your chicken should look like this.

Roll up each piece of chicken tightly. The chicken will be cooked in the foil. Place the chicken into a hot oven around 180 and cook until done.

How do you know when it is cooked? I have mentioned a meat thermometer before, so cheap and so simple to use, a meat thermometer takes the guesswork away allowing you to safely cook your meat.. Once cooked you should leave it to rest (Nachos in the background ready to go in the oven!)

Serve it whole like a mini roast or slice it up - whichever way it tastes delicious.


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