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Dingley Dell Pork at Supermarket prices!

Best quality pork at the same price as supermarkets! We have a special offer for our customers - and potential customers. We keep telling you that our locally sourced meat is the best and now you have the chance to try some at cheap supermarket meat prices!

This is your chance to try the famous Dingley Dell pork from the East Coast of Suffolk at (or very near) supermarket prices

For two weeks only -

Boneless leg of pork £5.50 per kilo.

Boneless loin of pork £5.50 per kilo.

Roll of shoulder £4.25 per kilo.

Try some Dingley Dell pork, you know these pigs have been well cared for, they are looked after on Suffolk fields and they are really local. PLUS of course it tastes better.

Please follow our Facebook page and share with your family and friends so that everone can try it.

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