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"Large White" pedigree pork chop

The Large White Pedigree pork from Orford looked so good I had to try a chop myself - delicious.

This was a large, "large white" the chop looked huge.

Firstly I seasoned it with Malden sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

I then I took a red onion for the onion gravy.

This gives you an idea how big the chop was. The onion was sliced and placed in hot olive oil.

The onions were then browned to sweeten and enhance the flavour.

The next is a simple cheat, add some bisto gravy and leave to simmer - onion gravy sorted!

The griddle pan was then heated until it was smoking hot and the pork chop was seared.

Once seared it was finished in the oven until cooked and served with mash, gravy, peas and sweetcorn.

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