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Mustard and Honey Glazed Ham

Treat yourself to some delicious ham. Here is our special recipe, it is a simple way to make something a little bit extra special.

Start with a piece of gammon, the day before place it in a saucepan and leave it overnight to soak with a couple of bay leaves, peppercorns and some starannis.

The next day when you are ready to start, drain off the water and replace it with fresh water and then gently simmer for about an hour. This partly cooks the ham and renders the fat suffciently for removing the skin.

The next step is to remove the skin, leaving as much fat as possible on the gammon joint.

Next score the meat into diagonals and place a clove in each corner.

Place in an oven at around 180 degrees for about 25 minutes. Whilst you are doing this prepare the mustard and honey.

Mix an equal amount of soft dark brown sugar, honey and English Mustard in a bowl.

Stir well to create a thick sauce. After 25 minutes or so take the gammon out of the oven. You are looking for a rendering of the fat, you do this before the glazing whilst the oven is hotter so the glaze doesn't burn. It should look something like this.

Now apply the glaze.

Make sure you cover all surfaces.

Turn the oven down to around 160 degrees and continue roasting until cooked. This was about 30 more minutes for this piece. Remove and reglaze regularly (you can see I was tempted to try some!)

Once cooked remove from the oven and leave to rest for 20 minutes before serving.

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