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Spring Lamb

The price of lamb has been a challenge recently and we are eagerly awaiting the lamb new season and hope that the extra supplies bring down the price for us all.

There is some confusion about when is meat from sheep lamb and not mutton. Meat from sheep is described three ways lamb, hogget and mutton.

A sheep that is less than a year old is called a lamb and that is how the meat is known.

A sheep in its second year is known as “hogget” – there is a lot of speculation that a lot of packed lamb found in shops is actually hogget rather than lamb.

The taste and tenderness of true lamb is much better than hogget, lamb is also more expensive than hogget

Mutton on the other hand has a much stronger taste and is the cheapest alternative. It needs different cooking methods “Mutton” is a sheep that is older than two years and is naturally tougher. Mutton is best reserved for rich tasty casseroles and curries.


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