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A guide to the history of E.W. Revett and Son

E.W Revett and Son was founded by Mr Edgar Revett, originally located in the Thoroughfare, Woodbridge we had a shop opposite the Boots store in the town centre. This was a thriving, enormously popular butchers employing a team of 18. The old butchers store is now a bookshop.

In 1962 we opened the shop in Wickham Market, taking over what was originally a fish and chip shop. It was back in 1962 that the original recipe for the famous, award winning Revett sausage was created, this remains a closely guarded secret.

Once established in Wickham Market the Woodbridge business was sold onto a London firm and Edgar continued in Wickham Market with his son Phillip. It was in the mid 1970's when Phillip took up the reigns from Edgar and continued to grow the business.

Back in 1979 Gary Garnham, now proprietor of the business, joined the team. It was a very different business with a great formality operating behind the scenes with a truly old fashioned approach of "don't speak unless you are spoken to" for junior staff. It was in these early days when a famous local character, Morris Clarke used to work, there was no chance of sharing his work space!

E.W. Revett and Son has grown tremendously and now offers a diverse selection of fayre, take a look through these pages and see what we offer, come along to the shop and treat yourself to traditional quality produce.

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