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July competition - win a rib of beef joint

To celebrate the England football team getting through to the UEFA 2021 Euro final we are giving away the very best of English beef as our July prize.

This is a stunning prize, the most delicious and desired cut of English beef, succulent, full of flavour and ideal for roasting this amazing prize could soon be yours. We are offering a joint around 5lb in weight with a value in excess of £70, so there is plenty there to enjoy with your friends and family. (cold it also makes the best beef sandwiches!)

Normal rules for winning, share with your friends on Facebook and make sure you are following Revetts on Facebook (the winners are selected from the list of followers).

How are you planning to see the game on Sunday? A BBQ, in the pub? A screen in the garden, will you be sitting there in a hat and scarf?

The July competition closes on Saturday 17th July. Start sharing today!


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