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Special Offer


Special promotional offer through Facebook

Offer valid from Monday 13th August to Wednesday 22nd August

Welcome to the special offer page of this website.

It is a rare offer from us - our exceptional everyday sausages !!

Get 3lb for the price of 2lb

Same delicious quality, just a little bit cheaper for you.

Just mention the Facebook Sausage 3 for 2 offer when ordering to get your price reduction

Our secret to making fantastic sausages revealed!?

Making sausages 1.jpg
Making sausages 2.jpg
Making sausages 3.jpg
Making sausages 4.jpg
Top secret.JPG
Making sausages 5.jpg
Making sausages 6.jpg

We start with the finest pork, not the bits that no one else will buy, real quality cuts of pork. There is fat in there too, but that is needed in a sausage, it helps with texture and certainly flavour.

The pork mix then goes into our giant mincer

The mince grade has remained the same for years. Enough to give the sausage the texture that our customers have come to expect.

The excellent everyday sausage has just the right amount of meat and fat. (At this stage we will treat our extra lean and gluten free sausages differently.)

Next stage is adding rusk, a very traditional sausage ingredient that helps retain flavour and moisture. Without an agent like rusk, rice or similar sausages can become very tough and not so delicious and special - then we add the special ingredients. 

You didn't really expect us to reveal our exceptional blend of seasoning and spices did you?

Now we have the sausage meat ready for the sausages. A recipe that has been used for generations and kept under lock and key. This has not been changed and is so secret that even our most loyal and experienced team don't know the details.

This part of the process has changed, where once we used to make sausages by hand our machine now creates the sausages in a uniform manner. We do choose the exact size and how tightly they are packed because it makes a real difference when cooking.

Now it is over to you to cook them.


Enjoy the special offer, the sausages do freeze exceptionally well.

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