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Delicious Food Ideas

At Revetts we are constantly striving to come up with new ideas to create some wonderful new taste sensations to compliment our customers meals. Take a look at our latest creations below and why not pay us a visit and try them out for yourself.

Stuffed peppers, filled with our prize winning sausage meat with an onion crunch added to give them some extra bite.

A firm family favourite is chicken but we have given our chicken goujons an extra twist with a schnitzel tex mex coating an ideal accompaniment to any meal.

Stuffed Mushroom is a mushroom with a delicious topping of pastry and cheese to add to the texture and flavour.

We are known for our amazing sausages and sausage meat at Revetts, so why not try our sausage fancies. They are sure to put a smile on any sausage lovers face, filled with cheese and BBQ sauce they're a taste sensation.

Chicken wings are always a great addition to any meal and to spice ours up a little we have added some spicy Jamaican Jerk to our wings.

If you are looking for something a little more traditional then why not try our lamb and mint pea pastry wheels.

And finally who doesn't like a meatball. They go great with pasta dishes and add colour and flavour to any meal.

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